Our Own Collection - Pure Ceylon Tea

Discover a flavor that’s refreshingly unique; an industry that is based on traditionalism, driven by modern technology, raised by the tender care of Sri Lankan hands, and shaped by the varying terroir of a small island. Discover Pure Ceylon Tea.

Explore over 10 years of Duke of Wellington, creativity and master blending expertise. For us, tea is more than just a drink. It’s been part of our daily lives and the lives of generations of tea lovers.

Black Tea
Strong, fragrant, and full-bodied, our black teas are full of flavor and sourced from the best tea gardens around the world. From blends such as strong English Breakfast and citrusy Earl Grey to fragrant Darjeeling and rich and malty Assam, there is a delicious black tea brew for every moment of the day.
English Breakfast Tea
Start every day with a cup of Twinings English Breakfast. The heavenly combination of rich upcountry Ceylon Pure teas is what makes it the perfect morning brew. The ultimate cup of tea.
Earl Grey Tea
Our classic Earl Grey tea is world-famous. Created by Duke of Wellington in 1931 He loved it so much he put his name on it! Fragrant and zesty. A prime cup of tea!
Green Tea
Go green! Delicate, fragrant, and oh-so-pure, our green teas provide the perfect boost. From fruity and floral to decadent blends with a hint of something sweet. Add a natural boosting brew to your day with our green tea bag selection.
Fruit & Herbal
Feeling fruity? Our fruit and herbal teas are packed full of colour and flavour. Delicious hot or cold, they’re naturally sugar and caffeine-free. There’s a beautiful brew just for you.
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